Install from PowerShell Gallery

You can install the PowerShell module from PowerShell Gallery. The PowerShell Gallery is a catalog of PowerShell modules and scripts hosted by Microsoft. Please refer to The PowerShell Gallery: Get Started for help how to enable the PowerShell Gallery on your local machine. Once you enable the PowerShell Gallery, you can install the module:

PS> Install-Module -Name com.dbhistory.powershell

This will download all the files required by the PowerShell module, and install them into the appropriate Modules location on your machine. You only need to install the module once. After this, you can import the module into your PowerShell session:

PS>Import-Module com.dbhistory.powershell

You will have to import the module again, any time you open a PowerShell session. Once the module is imported, the Install-DBHistory cmdlet is available in your session. Use this cmdlet to add a new SQL Server instance to

DBHistory PowerShell cmdlet from